Tips For Training Toy Poodle Puppies

As someone who works with toy poodle puppies often, I have found that a pet crate works best potty training a puppy. Please don’t use the puppy pads. This is very confusing for the puppy if you want it to use the bathroom outside. Potty training may take a week or two so be patient. Only take puppy out of crate when it is play time or time to eat. Once puppy eats and drinks take it outside immediately. Have a designated area outside for the puppy to use.

Once the puppy uses the bathroom praise him, this will help in the training process. During play time watch puppy, if it starts to have an accident. Use the word NO and take it out to designated potty area. Never raise your voice this will only delay the training process. Once the puppy understands to go outside to use bathroom. Take it out of crate, but once puppy eats take it outside to designated potty area. Also before bedtime take puppy outside. Toy Poodles are very intelligent dogs if you are consistent with the training they learn quickly.

Begin Socializing Your Toy Poodle With Others

When you bring your new puppy home. Introduce the puppy to all of the family members. Let the puppy interact with them. Also introduce your puppy to all of your pets slowly. Make sure there is no aggression shown from your existing pets. Take your puppy on rides, without introducing your puppy early to riding in car. Could result in car sickness later. Go on walks with your new puppy, introduce the puppy to different things and smells. Take your new puppy to Home Depot, dogs are allowed. This is one of the best places to let the puppy interact with people. Remember your new puppy loves you unconditionally, so make Shure you are ready for this commitment.

Supervising Your Toy Poodle Outside

Most people feel comfortable letting their Toy Poodle play outside with a fenced in back yard. Think again, most people don’t think about birds of prey. Owls and Hawks, owls can weigh up to 5 pounds. So, they can fly off with a 5-pound puppy. Hawks are much lighter only a little over 3 pounds, but they can fly with a 3-pound puppy. These birds of prey can see their prey from a mile away if they are high enough. Hawks and Owls are perfect killing machines, keep your Toy Poodle on a leash when outside.

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